About Us

Our Water

 We pump our water out of the Ogallala Aquifer hence the name Ogallala Water. There is also a town in Nebraska with the name Ogallala.Ogallala received its name from the OGALA Sioux Indian tribe. The Indians spelled the name Ogala and they pronounced it Oklada. The word means "scatter," or "to scatter one's own."   

For your safety

 Our water goes through water softening, UV light, reverse osmosis, and ozonation to achive the clean fresh water in our 3 and 5 gallon bottles. We daily test our water for coliforms including E-Coli. Weekly we have an outside lab verify our results and yearly we send samples to NSF International for further testing as outlined by FDA and NM Enviromental Department. We have on-site inspections by the NMED yearly as well. 

Our commitment

 All of the careful testing and cleaning of the water provides the best glass of water in town. Please try some today.